Project Description

Emerging Trends in Oil and Gas

Wednesday, Oct. 17 2018
11:00 AM
Session Length: 60 Min


The Oil and Gas Industry is committed to Sustainable Development. We will review the history of Sustainable Development including the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 2030), how our industry is supporting the progress of these goals and how our suppliers can join these efforts.

Part I: Intro to Oil and Gas Industry & Forecast

Focusing on the energy forecast, Chevron & Shell will provide an introduction on how the energy industry is structured, its business lines, regional presence, future and helpful information to gain and/or expand business.

Part II:  Emerging Trends in Oil and Gas

Focusing on industry trends, Exxon and BP will host an interactive session on modernization, innovation, sustainability and cost-efficiency.  The modernization discussion will focus on the necessity of Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing to sustain the Oil & Gas industry in a changing world.

The sustainability discussion will take the audience through the journey of the Oil & Gas industry’s commitment to Sustainable Development, its goals (SDG 2030), a comparative look at today’s progress, and how suppliers can join these efforts.


Ana Moreno Kopf
Manager, Supplier Diversity & Diversity Advocacy
Shell Oil Company

Robert G. Schwiers Jr.
Chief Economist
Corporate Strategic Planning

Clena Abuan
Senior Technology Associate
BP’s Digital Innovation Organization (DIO)

Ivan Rodriguez
Vice President of Supply Chain, Global Operations

Doug Fisher
Global Strategic Procurement Manager