Project Description

Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2018
7:30 AM – 8:45 AM


Kick off the morning of the BOE with an address from our partners at MBDA, MBDA awards presentations and robust program featuring our various industry groups.
Seven of our Industry Groups – each made up of corporate members in a within a particular industry – are going to give us their pitches:
  • Who they are;
  • What companies are in the industry groups;
  • What they buy, and if they are looking for particular item or service.
We hope this will become an annual event – to increase opportunities for our MBEs … to find suppliers for our corporate partners … and to create partnerships with each other. Listen carefully: you may hear the first clue to a new business opportunity! In this order, you’ll hear from:
  • Financial Industry Group
  • Advertising, Entertainment, Media and Sports Industry Group
  • Professional Services Industry Group
  • Utilities Industry Group
  • Petrochemical and Energy Group
  • Technology Industry Group
  • Automotive Industry Group

Sponsored by:



Adrienne Trimble
President & CEO

Brian Reaves
Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

Henry Childs, III
National Director
U.S. Department of Commerce
Minority Business Development Agency

Dave McMurray
Chief Procurement Officer
Kellogg’s North America