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Virginia Cutchin, Intercultural Consultant, Global LT

Virginia Cutchin
Intercultural Consultant
Global LT

Building a Permanent Bridge Across Cultures: How to do Business with Asian Companies
Monday, October 15, 2018
3:30 PM

Virginia Cutchin is an interculturalist, and serves as speaker, professor, consultant, author and trainer on international business and culture.

She works in a variety of settings to raise awareness and appreciation for, distinct cultural preferences and their manifestations. Her clients discover adaptive behavior skills to help them manage interpersonal challenges arising from cultural differences.

Born in the US, Ms. Cutchin has lived in Italy, the UK and China and has done business in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. She holds a BA in political science and an MBA in international business; and speaks and trains in English and Mandarin Chinese.

As a global leadership development coach, she believes that effective leaders lead themselves first, so she combines strong intuition with personal leadership development skills.