Programs/Sessions (Mon., 10-15-18)

/Programs/Sessions (Mon., 10-15-18)

NMSDC Resource Center


Monday - Wednesday
Bring your technology questions to experts who can provide answers, advice, and solutions for productivity, travel and other interests.

P01 Plenary Session: The History and Evolution of Supplier Diversity


Monday, 9:00 AM
This session will feature a video featuring the rich history of supplier diversity programming in the U.S.

Emerging Young Entrepreneurs (EYE) Program


Monday - Wednesday, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Created in partnership with McPherson|Berry and MetLife, this unique four-day program is to provide a pipeline of minority millennial entrepreneurs to become certified...

M28 How to Double Your Company Profit in 90 Days

Monday, 2:15 PM
This session will leave participants with a definitive plan on how to increase revenue, increase profits, decrease expenses and improve customer service.

M01 Best Practice Coaching Session #1: Establishing Comprehensive Internal and External Communications and Establishing Tracking, Reporting, and Goal-Setting Mechanisms

Monday, 10:15 AM
Best Practice Coaching Sessions provide attendees with the opportunity to directly address their thoughts and challenges around NMSDC’s 8 Best Practices in supplier diversity management.

M02 How to Successfully Market to Defense Prime Contractors

Monday, 10:15 AM
Discourse on prospective suppliers the necessary knowledge to successfully market their core capabilities to partner with the DOD prime contractors.

M03 Improving Customer Value Through Innovation

Monday, 10:15 AM
This session explores methods used by innovative companies to design and prototype product and service offerings.

M07 MBDA Signature Session: Government to Business (G2B) Exchanges


Monday, 10:15 AM
Federal acquisition officials will provide an analysis of top spend categories by NAICS for their department and demystify federal supply schedules.

M08 GSDA-NMSDC International Program- Together: Expanding Our Impact

Monday, 10:15 AM - 12:15 PM
The Economic Impact of Diversity: Regionally, Nationally and Globally; Fireside Chat: Impact of Tariffs on Global Trade; Expanding Globally: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

M06 A Different Future: For Minorities in the U.S. Economy

Monday, 10:15 AM
This session explains how the U.S. economy works, and how to increase inclusion and sustain national competitive advantage